Freitag, 30. September 2016

[Zitate] Gesammelte Schätze im September

Im August habe ich mich gar nicht erst auf Schatzsuche begeben, aber im September hat es glücklicherweise geklappt. ^___^

"I couldn't believe that the conversations my family had or the friendly attitudes of the people I knew were genuine. I was certain there had to be a script somewhere - and once, when I was very young, I searched for the house for it. I wanted to read the same words everyone else was saying. But there was no script. The only thing that ever felt real to me was death."
(Seite 207)

Kanae Minato
Lots of people fritter away their lives complaining that they were never able to find their true calling. But the truth is that most of us probably don't even have one. So what's wrong, then, with deciding on the thing that's right in front of you and doing it wholeheartedly?
(Seite 6)

Personally, I have more respect for the serious student, the one who never got into trouble in the first place. But those kids never get the starring roles, either on TV or in real life. It's enough to make the well-behaved student doubt the value of his efforts.
(Seite 11)

Soji Shimada

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders
"I know what you meant," he said, turning to face me. "I don't think I'm extraordinary. We all live on the same planet, we all share the same consciousness and emotions - but does that make us all equal as human beings? Look at the Tokyo businessman, look at the man from Thailand growing rice, look at the artists and the bankers. Sure we're one consciousness, but our present and past karma are different. We have knelt at different graves and walked through different gardens. Our lives are but a burst of stardust, or a passing cloud. I'm not a freak, but others are. I feel like I'm living on Mars. When I look at the existence of other people and try to understand their lives, I feel dizzy."
(Seite 109)

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