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[Zitate] Gesammelte Schätze im November

Ein paar Schätze aus meinem persönlichen Nonfiction-Buch des Jahres! ^___^

Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window
But just then the headmaster got up, placed his large, warm hand on her head and said, "Well, now you're a pupil of this school."
Those were his very words. And at that moment Totto-chan felt like she had met someone she really liked for the very first time in her life. You see, up till then, no one had ever listened to her for so long.
(Seite 22)

And why did he let them swim in the nude? Because he thought it wasn't right for boys and girls to be morbidly curious about the differences in their bodies, and he thought it was unnatural for people to take such pains to hide their bodies from each other. He wanted to teach the children that all bodies are beautiful. Among the pupils at Tomoe were some who had had polio, like Yasuaki-chan, or were very small, or otherwise handicapped, and he felt, if they bared their bodies and played together it would rid them of feelings of shame and help to prevent them developing an inferiority complex. As it turned out, while the handicapped children were shy at first, they soon began to enjoy themselves, and finally they got over their shyness completely.
(Seite 55)

"Now then", said the headmaster when they were all together. "We're traveling by train and by ship, and I don't want any of you to get lost. Do you understand? All right, off we go!"
That was the only instruction he gave, yet when they got on the Toyoko train at Jiyugaoka, the children were amazingly well behaved. Nobody ran up and down the cars, and the only talking was done quietly among those sitting next to each other. The Tomoe pupils have never once been told they should get in line and walk properly and keep quiet on the train and not drop litter on the floor when they ate their food. Their daily school life had somehow instilled into them that they musn't push people smaller or weaker than themselves; that unruly behaviour was something to be ashamed of; that whenever they came across litter they should pick it up; and that they should try not to do anything that annoyed or disturbed others.
(Seite 72)

"That's splendid. That will do. You got up this morning. You've made everyone understand that. You don't have to be amusing or make people laugh to be a good speaker. The important thing is that you said you hadn't anything to talk about and you did find something to say."
(Seite 95)

"You're Japanese and Masao-chan comes from a country called Korea. But he's a child, just like you. So, Totto-chan, dear, don't ever think of people as diffferent. Don't think, 'That person's a Japanese or this person's a Korean.' Be nice to Masao-chan. It's so sad that some people think other people aren't nice just because they're Koreans."
(Seite 117)

"I think I'd better have a bathroom built near the library," said the headmaster one day. That was because the children would become so absorbed in their books that they were always holding out until the very last minute before making a dash for the toilet beyond Assembly Hall with their bodies in strange contortions.

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  1. Konban wa, Hotaru san.

    "Children are no slaves to anyone or anything. Do not spoil their purity by the cancer of lies & hatred."
    (Samaire O'Boinor)



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