Montag, 28. November 2011

[NaNoWriMo] Ich habe fertig!

Freunde, sehet und staunet!

1. Tag 7232 Wörter - 2. Tag 10868 Wörter - 3. Tag 12776 Wörter - 4. Tag 15793 Wörter - 5. Tag 16979 Wörter - 6. Tag 23920 Wörter - 7. Tag 25437 - 8. Tag 27833 - 9. Tag 29564 - 10. Tag 31431 - 11. Tag 31787 Wörter - 12. Tag 33665 Wörter - 13. Tag 35733 Wörter - 14. Tag 37084 Wörter - 15. Tag 39179 Wörter - 16. Tag 40067 Wörter - 17. Tag 44004 Wörter - 18. Tag 44444 Wörter - 19.-25. Tag 45124 Wörter - 26. Tag 47044 Wörter - 27. Tag 50329 Wörter

Irgendwie habe ich den Drang, jetzt lauter ordinäre Wörter zu benutzen, aber ich kann mich natürlich zurückhalten. Ich freue mich so, ich habe es endlich geschafft. Wie man sieht, habe ich von Tag 19 bis Tag 25 überhaupt nichts an meiner NaNo-Story geschrieben, weil ich plötzlich eine tolle Idee für eine andere Geschichte hatte. Von daher war es wirklich eine Qual gewesen, auf den Kalender zu gucken und zu wissen, dass es bald der 30. November ist und ich eigentlich längst an "Nodville" weiterschreiben müsste. Aber ich habe gestern, also Samstag, ein paar DVDs und Manga, auf die ich wirklich schon lange wartete, von Amazon bekommen und sie gut sichtbar vor meinem Tisch gelegt. ERST wenn ich die 50000er-Grenze geknackt hätte, darf ich sie mir ansehen. ^___^

Ich werde noch am 30. November einen Eintrag schreiben, eine Art Fazit sozusagen.
Jetzt noch schnell die Challenge bis Day 30 ausfüllen. ^_^

Day 15 - Do any of your characters have a disability or mental illness?  If so, how does that affect their development throughout your story?
Disabled people are statists in my story. They don't play a huge role. I have a character who may be suffering from an mental illness... but I'm not sure if it's not actually a part of his character, hehe.

Day 16 - At around the half-way point, it bears mentioning that most of us wrimos have other obligations beside simply hitting that elusive word count.  What else do you have going on in your life (work, school, children, neurotic pets, etc.), and just how much are you shafting it to win NaNo?
I've got a lot of correspondence school stuff to do which I luckily can also do at home. So I'm mostly free in the afternoon until late night.

Day 17 - In what time period is your novel set?  Is it in this world or another?

In my favorite era ever - the Victorian era. My story switches between real and another world.

Day 18 - Who is the antagonist in your novel?  What drives their actions?
He hasn't even appeared yet but I chose his name already: Gabriel Hain and what drives him? Of course... revenge. Nothing new. There are some bullies for my poor Jamie as well but I wouldn't call them antagonists.

Day 19 - Which authors or books have inspired your own writing the most, and why?
I can't think of anything.

Day 20 - If you could meet one fictional character from any book you’ve ever read, who would it be, and why?
Let me think... maybe "Cinnamon" from Haruki Murakami's "The Wind Up Bird Chronicle". We're both similar by character.

Day 21 - With about 10 days left to this arguably traumatic experience, what are your plans and goals for your novel, should you successfully complete it?

I like being a writer but I don't plan to go public with my books. My stories only belong to me.

Day 22 - If you’ve participated in or won NaNo before, what happened to your other novel efforts?  Still in the revision process/querying publishers/scrapped it immediately/etc.

Hehe, the story from last year isn't finished yet. Although I continued writing on it when I was in that mood.

Day 23 - Do animals play any part in your story?  If so, how do they add to it?
Sadly no. Nodville only accepts animals only if they're dead so people can eat them.

Day 24 - Is religion featured in your novel at all?  If so, which ones?  If it’s/they’re your own creations, describe it/them and how it/they play(s) a part in your characters’ lives.
Religion doesn't really play a big role in my story. There are some mentions of the Bible though but they're used as being examples for something.

Day 25 - What are the names of at least two of your main characters?  How did you choose their names?
James Talbot and Sidney de Guigné. I like the name "James" and Talbot sounds good as a English surname. I had to think about Sidney's name a lot. At first I imagined him looking like Sid Vicious from Sex Pistols (in anime version, hehe). So, I used Sidney but I'd like to mention it's just a nickname and not his birth name which is actually Louis. Since he's French it must be a French surname. On Wikipedia I found a person which had "de Guigné" as a surname. It sounds good and guigne without the accent means "bad luck" in French.

Day 26 - Was any research involved (historical or otherwise) in your NaNo prep?
Thank you Wikipedia! =)

Day 27 - What’s your word count now?  Are you satisfied with your progress or panicked that you won’t have enough time to finish by November 30?
50329 words ^___^

Day 28 - Name one thing you shafted all month in favor of participating in NaNo.
Hm? Not sure if I understand the question.

Day 29 - Name one thing in which you indulged as a treat to keep yourself motivated and writing that you wouldn’t otherwise have done.
A yaoi manga called "Yellow/R" - I LOVE YOU BOTH TAKI AND GO! ^____^

Day 30 - Share a link to either your NaNo profile or a location on the internet where your story can be found.  If someone offered to beta read for you, would you be willing to do the same for them during the subsequent editing process?
Click here! I don't think there would be an offer to me 'cause the story is just mine! But if that happened, I would sure do this, too, if I had enough time available.


  1. Wow, sehr cool! Alles Gute dazu *flausch* <3 Deine Statistik sieht toll aus!! :3

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :)
    Du bist lila! :D Bei mir ist der Balken immer noch blau, nur weil ich Internet Explorer benutze, pff :D Aber wenn ich mich mit Firefox einlogg, bin ich auch lila ^__^

    lg Caro ♥


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